First, create a new empty crate using a library template:

cargo new --lib example_1
cd example_1

And set the default version of the rust compiler for this crate to nightly;

rustup override set nightly

In Cargo.toml, add the following dependencies:

serde = { version = "1.0", features = ["derive"] }

fuzzcheck = "0.12"

At the top of src/ add the following line:

#![cfg_attr(fuzzing, feature(no_coverage))]

This is a rust-nightly feature that fuzzcheckā€™s procedural macros use.

Now let's write some code to test. In src/, we will add a simple implementation of a binary search tree.

pub struct Node<T: Ord> {
    key: T,
    left: Box<Tree<T>>,
    right: Box<Tree<T>>,
pub enum Tree<T: Ord> {

And we implement the methods empty, insert, and contains.

use std::cmp::{self, Ordering};

impl<T: Ord> Tree<T> {
    /// Creates a new empty tree
    pub fn empty() -> Box<Self> {
    /// Returns true iff the tree contains the given value.
    pub fn contains(&self, k: &T) -> bool {
        match self {
            Tree::Node(Node { key, left, right }) => match k.cmp(key) {
                Ordering::Less => left.contains(k),
                Ordering::Equal => true,
                Ordering::Greater => right.contains(k),
            Tree::Empty => false,
        Adds a value to the set.

        If the set did not have this value present, true is returned.
        If the set did have this value present, false is returned, and the tree is left unmodified.
    pub fn insert(self: &mut Box<Self>, new_key: T) -> bool {
        match self.as_mut() {
            Tree::Node(Node {
            }) => match new_key.cmp(key) {
                Ordering::Less => {
                Ordering::Equal => false,
                Ordering::Greater => {
            Tree::Empty => {
                **self = Tree::Node(Node {
                    key: new_key,
                    left: Self::empty(),
                    right: Self::empty(),

We already have enough to start fuzz-testing our tree. To do so, we first add a tests module within the same src/ file, which we conditionally enable only for test builds with #[cfg(test)].

mod tests {
    use super::*;
    // Note that fuzzcheck is accessible here because it is a dev-dependency.